Home Dedication and Blessing!

To have a home or house dedication, or blessing....

Your home does not have to be a brand spanking new house. Indeed it can be an apartment, a flat, an older home or a bungalow. It could also be a new beginning after a renovation or restoration.

Have you ever held a house warming party, a celebration after you moved into a home or apartment? Was it pretty much the same as every other party - plenty of food and drinks, lively music and maybe even a little dancing? Maybe it was a laid back BBQ or a dinner party. Whatever form your party or celebration took it was to celebrate moving into a new home. (By new, it doesn't necessarily have to brand new)

Most people who want to celebrate....

the fact that they have moved into a new house do so but the celebration itself is more often than not devoid of specific meaning or content relating to dedication or blessing of the home. Milestones like moving into your first home or apartment or even a holiday home, shack or log home deserve to be celebrated. 'Moments' such as these ought to be marked or distinguished as being different and special.

In reality people hunger for ritual....

to add more meaning to their lives, for the sense of comfort and connection that it brings. They want to celebrate a special birthday, the promotion at the office, retirement or their new home. My guess is that they just don't know how to go about it.

Ritual can be added to any joyful celebration to deepen the occasion, to give it real meaning and purpose. In a home dedication the rituals we engage in are traditions that have been passed down to us by ancient civilizations and Chinese feng shui.

In a Home Blessing or Dedication Ceremony or celebration....

we generally begin by talking about what we are about to do, roughly what the ceremony or celebration entails just so guests know what to expect.

We then talk about the house itself, your personal journey or relationship with the dwelling. The circumstances that brought you to the particular location, how you came to find it, did you do any work to the house prior to moving in? Does it have a deeper connection with you or your family?

From there we move to the actual dedication and blessing of the home, walking from room to room sometimes employing ancient customs or rituals as we go. When each room or area has been dedicated or blessed everyone gathers back at a central spot for the conclusion.

Examples of things that can be included....

included in the ceremony are the use of lit candles, lavender oil lamp or lavender spray, orange and lemon infused water, flowers or sprigs of blossoms, a broom to sweep, a basket of blessings, readings by the home owners or their guests, tree planting, a welcome wreath, welcoming drinks and a welcome cake. You may even wish to sit down for a celebratory meal at the conclusion of your ceremony or celebration.

It is common for new home-owners to devise a ceremony of their own....

This is particularly easy to do by using the 2 ceremonies in my e-book as a guide. They can be mixed or just copied and pasted and to really personalize it, your unique story, details of the house or apartment and original words added to make it your own.

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I'm Elizabeth Gray, a popular celebrant who gained a Diploma of Marriage Celebrancy at the International College of Celebrancy in Melbourne, Victoria in 2003, and coducts ceremonies for all life's milestones!